Alien Species photo bank

This is the NOBANIS photo bank with free photos of alien species and photos  related to alien species.

You can use the photos for all non-commercial purposes, if you also list the photographer and NOBANIS,
eg. "Photo from, photographer xxx"

We would like more photos

If you have photos that we can use (with no restrictions), please send to the NOBANIS secretariat:
We need the species name, and if available photographer name and place taken.

Alien flora


Alien fauna

Marine species




Other sources of free photos

The Nordic Council of Mininsters has an online photobank, where most photos are free to use if you write the source (eg. photographer name - See under the individual photos for information on copyrights.

The photos are not directly related to IAS, but there are many of ships, trafic (transport), nordic landscapes, nature and animals etc.

Nordic Council of Ministers photos