Other resources

The NOBANIS network has gathered a variety of informative resources.

First the NOBANIS network has listed experts and literature from the region. As the project continues these lists will be turmed into searchable databases - however the information is available in a simple format already now. See how to access IAS experts of the region here, and the list of literature for the region here

Furthermore a complete overview of the many national species databases is provided. Some national databases from the region are specifically dealing with aliens species, while many are with a more broad scope. This overview can be seen as a supplement to the searchable NOBANIS alien database, which provided data in a common format.  See the overview of regional databases here

The third resource provided is links to other projects and programmes on invasive alien species - international as well as national. The page also links to a multitude of more administrative reviews and reports on invasive alien species. See the overview of linkts to other projects here

Many countries have national strategies and action plans for invasive alien species.